Make no mistake about it. We are at war. If you believe as we do that wine is a basic necessity, that it enhances a fine meal, makes for better dinner conversation, and is a delightful relaxant in the face of today’s high stress life, then you need to join the Wine Patrol.

        Wineries are charging exorbitant prices for mediocre wines that are released way too early. They insist on making their wines taste like oak instead of grapes. 100 point scoring systems are a complete crock. They don’t tell you anything about the wines, they are often tainted by the power of the advertising dollar, and they create artificial demand for wines you can’t get anyway. All of this serves to escalate prices.

        Wine purveyors are only concerned with getting their pitiful allocation of these high-priced, highly publicized wines, when they should be spending their time locating inexpensive treasures. Believe us, the treasures are out there to be found.

        Self defense begins at home. The best way to combat high prices and mass marketing is to make your own wine. Granted, it’s not simple. There are things to learn, sources to develop, experience to acquire, but you can’t expect a revolution to be easy. Some self-sacrifice is required. Are you a Wine Patroller or a wimp?

        This section is dedicated to the brave, dedicated Wine Patrollers making their own wine. We will give you all the information you need to make delicious, delectable, delightful concoctions from the grape. Just remember to be generous with your produce. Share your wine with friends and neighbors. Give bottles to the mailman, and the plumber.

Sharing wine will make the world a better place.