El Viejito



(NOM 1107)

El Viejito is a classic Mexicano tequila company. Claiming roots back to 1937, El Viejito is owned and operated by Antonio Nuņez. Antonio went to Texas Christian University on a Rotary scholarship, while his brother Jorge ran the company. In Texas, Antonio met, courted, and married his wife Ferril, and then returned to Mexico to take over the reins of the company in 1973. He currently runs the company with his son, Juan.

More than 90% of El Viejito’s production is exported to foreign markets, such as the United States, Germany, Canada, Australia, Japan, and Chile. In 1996, El Viejito exported close to two million liters of tequila. Antonio Nuņez’s company has been responsible for much of the recent worldwide popularity of tequila.

The company produces and exports the El Viejito label and several others, including Aguila, Las Trancas, Porfidio, Hussong’s, Distinct, Sierra (the number one brand in Germany), Don Quixote, and Los Cinco Soles. As is typical in the current tequila market, Porfidio and Trancas have moved to other distilleries. El Viejito products have had several different distributors in the United States, but they have been unable to grab a foothold. Hussong’s, once shipped in bulk to the United States and bottled by McCormick Distillery labeled as 99% agave tequila, is now bottled and labeled at El Viejito as 100% agave tequila.

In 1987, Antonio Nuņez and David Kay started up a joint venture brand called Aguila. David Kay spent 20 years in the liquor business, specializing in various tequila brands, including the creation of Pepe Lopez tequila. He operated wholesale and retail operations in between stints as brand manager for companies like Sauza. The Aguila brand includes Blanco, Reposado and Aņejo mixto tequilas, along with a super-premium

100% blue agave Aņejo packaged in a hand-blown blue glass bottle.

All of El Viejito’s the 100% blue agave tequilas show moderate to macho agave intensity and flavor, with pepper and citrus as secondary notes. The mixto tequilas, as should be expected, have less pronounced agave character, but remain solid examples of good, simple tequila.

Tasting Notes

El Viejito Blanco: Strong and mellow on the attack. Colorless with moderate agave intensity. A balance of earthy agave, white pepper, and citrus in the aroma. Sweet and medium bodied in the mouth. Moderate agave and white pepper flavors with fruity, floral notes. The finish is hot and medium, but the duration of discernable flavor is short.

El Viejito Aņejo: Golden color. Full, pungent attack with moderate, simple agave intensity. Agave, smoke, and caramel dominate the aromas with hints of pepper and floral character. Sweet with medium mouth feel. Subdued flavors of caramel, smoke, and agave lead to a very hot, astringent finish. Long-lasting flavors of smoke and bitter pepper remain in the mouth.

Aguila Blanco: Colorless with a full, mellow attack. Moderate intensity with suave complexity. Intense agave dominates the aroma, with balanced measures of citrus, floral, pepper, and smoke. Sweet and medium mouth feel. Flavors are spice and pepper with slight agave and fruit. A short, hot finish with moderate bitterness.

Aguila Reposado: Full and mellow on the attack. Yellow color with simple agave and moderate intensity. Caramel and acetone notes cover slight agave, fruit, and caramel aromas. Sweet and medium in the mouth. Lots of caramel and oak flavors with decent agave. The finish is very hot and very sweet.

Aguila 100% Blue Agave: Strong and pungent, this Aņejo tequila is golden with hints of brown. Macho intensity. Lots of agave along with well-balanced fruit, floral, and pepper in the aroma. Sweet and oily in the mouth. The flavors are first caramel, and then oak and agave. The finish is medium, hot, and sweet.

Hussong’s Reposado: Pale yellow color. Strong and mellow on the attack with complex, macho intensity. Sweet and medium-full in the mouth. Lots of earthy, ginseng agave aromas with some smoke and pepper. Agave flavors with caramel, oak, and smoke. Alcohol is tingly, and the finish is medium with sweet agave and smoke flavors.