(NOM 1110)

Orendain is the third grand old tequila family of Mexico. Located in the town of Tequila, their company dates back to the 1870s when it competed with Cuervo and Sauza as one of Mexico’s largest premium tequila producers. In the early 1900s, the family left the business. Eduardo Orendain returned in 1935. The company is currently owned and operated by Eduardo’s sons.

Orendain is alternately the third or the fourth largest exporter of tequila to the United States, with exports between four million and five million liters annually. You may be familiar with the labels Pepe Lopez or Puerto Vallarta. The bulk of the production is mixto tequila, with a small production of 100% agave tequila under the brand name of Ollitas.

Tasting Notes

Ollitas Reposado: Golden color. Strong and pungent on attack, suave complexity with macho intensity. Earthy, wet cement agave balances nicely with smoke aromas. Thin in the mouth with low sweetness. Flavor is primarily smoke and acetone with bits of earthy agave. Finish is medium with acetone and overripe apple flavors.