(NOM 1105)

Founded in 1973 by six brothers from the Banuelos family, Cazadores is one of the biggest success stories in the modern tequila business. This new, ultra-modern distillery opened in 1994 on the outskirts of Arandas. Plans for expansion include a hospitality center, a restaurant, and a new hotel scheduled to open late in 1997.

The Banuelos family anticipated the recent growth in popularity of Reposado tequilas. With the opening of their new distillery, they introduced a fine mixto Reposado. Using autoclaves, stainless steel tanks, and state of the art distillation equipment, they made their tequila quickly, which lowered their production costs. They aged the tequila 70 days in new oak barrels. They touted the quality using an aggressive advertising and sampling campaign that catapulted the brand to major success.

Because they could produce their tequila cheaply, they could afford to be aggressive with their pricing. They only produced Reposado tequila, so they focused all their attention and advertising dollars on that single category. Within no time, Cazadores tequila had taken a large bite out of Sauza’s Hornitos, the most popular Reposado tequila in Mexico. Cazadores’ success has spawned a host of imitators, including El Jimador,

30-30, and El Charro. Recently, Cazadores has been forced to follow the trend of making 100% agave tequila, and in 1997, they began producing their own 100% agave tequila.

Tasting Notes

Cazadores Reposado: Pale yellow color. Full, mellow attack. Sencillo, with moderate agave intensity. Moderate caramel and smoke aromas, with slight hints of agave, pepper, fruit, and floral elements. Medium body and sweet in the mouth. The flavor is oaky with moderate agave and some pepper, but the major component tastes like dough or cardboard, possibly from the new oak barrels. The finish is moderately long and sweet, with that doughy taste lingering through the tingly alcohol.