Other Tequila Brands and Producers

Arette Blanco: Made at a small distillery near the town of Tequila owned by a portion of the Orendain family, Arette Blanco is colorless with moderate candied agave aromas. Dry and astringent in the mouth, it has some earthy, dusty agave flavor that quickly fades into an astringent finish.

Casca Viejo Reposado: Another 100% agave tequila produced by La Arandina (along with Hipódromo), a medium-sized distillery in Los Altos, near Arandas. Pale yellow in color, with macho complexity, it has pepper and vanilla accents on full wet cement agave aromas. Moderately sweet and oily in the mouth, the wet cement agave and cream soda flavors provide a rich, smooth finish that trails off into a slightly doughy aftertaste.

Catador Añejo: This tiny producer, located in the Los Altos village of Jesus Maria, produces tequila with the typical wet cement character of Los Altos. Full and slightly pungent on attack, it is loaded with wet cement agave, smoke, and caramel. Sweet and thin in the mouth, the tequila features agave flavors with moderate smoke, caramel and pepper. The finish is sweet and tingly, of medium length, with cream and smoke flavors.

Hipódromo Reposado: This tequila is sold only in Mexico, and it is made by relatives of El Tesoro’s Camarena family near Arandas. Pale yellow color. Light, mellow Cutler/Tequila 140 attack with sencillo complexity and moderate agave intensity. Wet cement agave with citrus, pepper and caramel aromas work well together, but in the mouth the flavors are muddled and confused. Sweet and salty on the finish.

Los Valientes Reposado: Another very small producer near the town of Tequila. Great packaging includes a canvas sheath glued to the bottle. The sheath features a printed photograph of pistoleros. The tequila is golden brown. Cream, toasty oak, and acetone fill the aroma. The slightly sweet mouth feel is much thinner than the nose leads you to expect. The flavors are redolent of toasty new oak barrels, and the aftertaste lasts a long, long time, but the flavor is nothing but toasty oak.

Tres Alegres Compadres Reposado: This is the 100% blue agave tequila made by La Cofradia distillery in Tequila, a medium-sized producer making about three million liters per year of mixto tequilas under various brand names. Pale yellow in color, with smooth caramel and hints of earthy agave in the nose, the tequila tastes astringent despite its medium body. The aftertaste turns to medicinal, smoky acetone flavors.

Tres Mujeres Reposado: This tiny new producer opened in 1996 just outside of Amatitan. The tequila is brown. Some earthy agave aromas are masked by vegetal and kerosene-like smells. Slightly sweet in the mouth, it quickly turns to smoky, burnt dough flavors that last well into the hot finish.