In today’s world, we are buffeted on all sides by the stresses of modern society. Our society worships speed; speed and communication. People insist on staying linked to their stress through their umbilical computers and cell phones, their fax machines and pagers. On airplanes, in their cars, even at baseball games, and on the golf course, the modern person is hooked up, maintaining their dose of speed and stress.

Wine Patrollers know that there is more to life than work and stress. We appreciate the sweet perfume of a lush riesling. We rejoice in the riotous bubbling of a crisp champagne. We revel in the bold complexities of a well-aged pinot noir. We know that wine short-circuits the links to stress, that it provides an antidote to speed, and that through the vinous perspective we achieve a richer and fuller life.

Unfortunately, such are the rigors of modern living, so frenetic is the pace, so draining the constant stress, that sometimes even wine can’t break through. That’s when the wise Wine Patroller reaches for the heavy artillery. We reach back to the mystical tug of the Aztecs. We begin with the wondrous blue agave, ferment its precious honey, focus and concentrate its magic and medicine through the fine art of distillation, until we are left with the Wine Patrollers ultimate weapon…TEQUILA!

Shock treatment for the soul.
An adrenaline rush for the spirit.
A smart bomb making a direct hit on the speedy links to stress.

Use it if you have to, but use it with caution.
Responsible Wine Patrollers know better than to mess with heavy artillery until they’ve received proper training.

Here’s how:


Where tequila is made

How tequila is produced

Finding the right tequila for your taste

Specific information and tasting notes

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