Jake Lorenzo writes with power, passion and a wild sense of humor. Any subject is fair game and Jake pulls no punches. Opinionated, controversial and beloved by cellar rats and winemakers everywhere for speaking the truth, he seamlessly intersperses fictional characters with real people, placing them in unique situations, and weaving the whole mishmash into mesmerizing stories. There is no source from which you will learn more about the inner workings of the wine industry. There is no source that will infuse your learning with more chuckles and outright laughter.

“In the wonderful, but complex world of wine, there is nobody like Jake Lorenzo. Nobody. He is our Henry Miller, our Paul Gauguin, our Robin Williams…”

Bob Sessions, Hanzell Winery

“This series of books by the legendary Wine Country detective, Jake Lorenzo, reveals more about the day to day reality of working in the wine industry than any other body of work. Lorenzo has his hand on the pulse of cellar rats, his heart on the plight of the downtrodden, and his mind…well his mind soars to places we never thought to contemplate, but does so in a relaxed, humorous way that brings comfort and solace along with understanding to his readers.”

Father James McCullough, Church of the Hereafter

“Jake Lorenzo is the world’s only 100-point wine writer. Hell, Make it 110 points.”

Larry Walker, Wines of Napa Valley

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