(NOM 1121)

The cooperative distillery Regional has recently begun to promote its own brand. In the past, the distillery has produced tequilas for various people, the most famous being Porfidio’s Añejo tequila in the cactus bottle.

Located directly across the street from the famous Herradura property, Regional has long played the forgotten stepchild of tequila in Amatitan. The plant remains small, producing less than 100 thousand liters of tequila annually. However, they currently have the capacity to triple that production.

This particular cooperative has been slow to develop. With many different growers trying to make decisions and further various agendas, management has turned over frequently. Hopefully, they have now come together for the common good, and will eventually garner some of the attention their tequilas deserve.

Tasting Notes

Regional Reposado: Strong and mellow on the attack with macho intensity and suave complexity, this golden tequila is loaded with earthy agave and caramelized aromas, with moderate citrus notes, hints of white pepper, and chamomile. Almost oily in the mouth, but with low sweetness, agave is the key flavor, with moderate smoke and white pepper flavors in the background. The finish is hot and long, with a distinctive smoke and caramel aftertaste.